NPR on “Anti-Abortion” and “Abortion Rights Supporters”

March 27, 2010

A classic example of journalistic objectivity brought to you by National Public Radio:

On the air, we should use “abortion rights supporter(s)/ advocate(s)” and “abortion rights opponent(s)” or derivations thereof (for example: “advocates of abortion rights”). It is acceptable to use the phrase “anti-abortion”, but do not use the term “pro-abortion rights”.

That last sentence is interesting.  I’m considered “anti-abortion,” but my debate opponents are not considered “pro-abortion,” nor even “pro-abortion rights”?  So, to put it logically, I’m publicly described as anti-X, but the polar opposite position cannot be described as pro-X.  Sounds fair.

At least they are moving away from using the meaningless “pro-choice” label.  While I was in law school, a fellow student in my Constitutional Law class once argued that the government wasn’t “pro-abortion,” it was neutral, and just allowed the “choice.”  I responded, “let’s say the government permitted wanton murder of law students.  Nobody is forced to murder law students.  They are just permitted to murder law students.  Anyone think the law is neutral to law students?”  Nobody responded.


One Response to “NPR on “Anti-Abortion” and “Abortion Rights Supporters””

  1. foreverloveandcrynomore Says:

    Points well made. 🙂

    My pro-life blog:


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