Teachers Protest Against Economic Reality

March 5, 2010

You may have noticed a teacher or student protest in a neighborhood near you…

From Los Angeles to New York and from San Diego to Humboldt in Northern California, students, faculty and parents at many schools decried higher student fees, reduced class offerings and teacher layoffs in what leaders described as a “Day of Action for Public Education.” Labor unions and student government groups were the main organizers.

. . . .

At Wilson High in Long Beach, about 2,000 students, parents and teachers crowded gymnasium bleachers for a special meeting after school. Union leaders said that more than 700 employees, mainly teachers, face layoffs next year in the Long Beach Unified School District, crowding more students into the remaining classes.

“Bigger class sizes put pressures on teachers, and that trickles down to the kids. It’s a disturbing situation all the way around,” said Diana Craighead, a former PTA leader who has a daughter at a Long Beach middle school and two sons who graduated from Wilson.

If I had been better educated, I would have thought of this quote on my own: “It is more effective to have a good teacher in a large class than a poor teacher in a small one.”  Ouch.  Hopefully the poor teachers get laid off first.

In any event, welcome to the real world, public education.  I’m sure that all those millions of currently unemployed folks feel sorry for you.  Instead of protesting, many of them are trying to find real jobs–that’s how it works with all of the private workers employed “at will.”


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