Media Gatekeepers Exhibit Bias Against Christians in Particular (TV Program and Obama Ad)

February 16, 2009

A public television station in Columbus pulled a Christian television program from its lineup (it was a special to be aired only once) even though the Christian organization had already paid for the air time.  What’s funny is that the station did so at the request of a few homosexuals to avoid offending them, but in the process proved the substance of the tv special.  The special was about media bias and censorship against Christians.  Something tells me the irony is lost on the station owners. 

This isn’t the first time.  A Catholic group paid for a Superbowl advertisement (the most coveted commercial airtime in the nation) timeslot, but the ad was subsequently yanked by television network NBC:

It’s obviously pro-life, but it never mentions abortion.  Powerful stuff, even though the philosophical underpinnings of the ad have been questioned (I think the criticisms are unwarranted).


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